Santa Claus– Fantasy or Reality? Does your child still believe?

Every holiday season the #1 topic of discussion on playgrounds across the globe always seems to revolve around whether or not Santa Claus really exists.  And it never fails, that in the center of these discussions lie that one recent “non believing” kid whose parents felt is was there moral and parental obligation to dispel what they consider to be a myth about good Ole’ St. Nick.

Inevitably at some point logic sets in for all children and they start to question the probability that one man with a sleigh and a few reindeer can deliver presents to children all over the world in one night?  Luckily, thanks to the magic and the spirit of the season along with all of the pomp and circumstance– the Christmas TV specials, parades, “breakfast with Santa”, tree lighting and those infamous Salvation Army Santa’s shaking bells at every grocery, big box retailer or stop light from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve most children choose to believe that one mans knows if they’ve been naughty or nice.

So until your child reaches the point of disbelief, keep the fantasy going and bring the reality of a naughty or nice checklist and Santa’s workshop to life by creating your own customized video email from Santa!  It is guaranteed to keep your children in line — you still have 12 more days to go! 

Go here to find out how:

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One comment on “Santa Claus– Fantasy or Reality? Does your child still believe?

  1. akcielo says:

    You are right it is the number 1 topic. Sad that the celebration for many depend on that one little lie of santa going around the world with gifts for the children that were good. I have no problem celebrating and enjoying the season, but why lie? Why are so many people worked up trying so hard in keeping children from knowing the truth – that this part of the celebration is not real? What a conspiracy! lol We, at our home, have fun and enjoy the season, cookies, treats, gifts, santa movies ect. and don’t miss a beat . All with out the lie or insulting their common sense or intelligence in the process. My children are happy we don’t play them. They see santa as a fun character based on a true story, but that has evolved quite a bit. They know what Christmas is. They are not damage because we did not play the santa game with them.

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