Will You Eat Healthy during the Holidays?

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Good food is one of life’s great joys, but everywhere you turn its “healthy this… and healthy that…”  When I hear “eat healthy” my taste buds are sending signals to my brain and it translates to bland and boring, so my immediate response is — I’ll take a pass …my heart is healthy”.   

After all, Christmas dinner would not be the same without my favorites, which means real butter; the salted kind and lots of seasoning salts– the big taboo ingredients; otherwise known as clog up your veins cholesterol and sky-rocket your blood pressure sodium. 

I know eating right doesn’t necessarily mean giving up on many wonderful foods, but knowing and doing are two different things. 

Recently I attended a healthy food cook off where I had an opportunity to taste several dishes that were prepared in a “heart healthy” way and I will admit, I could not tell the difference!  After reviewing the recipe ingredients, I could see that the dishes were prepared in the usual ways and the healthier substitutions for those taboo ingredients didn’t alter the taste of the dishes; no horrible after taste or a desire to grab a bottle of sauce to supplement.

The basic staples of many traditional holiday favorites includes lots of healthy vegetables and by making a few simple changes I now know I can still enjoy the flavors of healthy cooking.  We all have the power to  make choices to improve our health and if you are having dinner at my house for the holidays; expect some changes… but you won’t be able to tell the difference…hopefully??

I am not an expert on health, healthy eating or living, but I would like to share a few sites I found to be helpful.  Let us know if I can recommend more:




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3 comments on “Will You Eat Healthy during the Holidays?

  1. Tiffany says:

    I agree, there are definitely little tricks you can do to avoid over eating during the holidays. For example, NOT going back for seconds, putting small portions on your plate, and being active after you eat, rather than sitting on couch or sleeping….! My best defense is to eat SUPER healthy and work out rigorously TWO weeks before my food eating spree begins!! That way my body is in good fat burning mode and can handle a little extra calories. Usually, if you are eating healthy for two or more weeks, you’ll find that your stomach shrinks a little, and you naturally have a smaller appetite.
    Those are my thoughts to blab…..

  2. Ab workouts don’t burn belly weight. They work your abs but they don’t help burn stomach fat. What does is correct diet plan and performing the best workouts. Compound exercises like squats and deadlifts are very efficient for burning up belly weight since they perform most of the entire body and burn overall entire body fat.

  3. Erich Coonse says:

    By understanding that our bodies are made up of bone, muscle mass, fat layers and skin, we is going to be better-designed to produce functions of art out of the entire body. The greatest way to begin off the exercise program is by producing certain that the mindset is right. A mindset that is full of optimism and passion for weightlifting and the nutrition that is feeding the entire body is really a excellent begin toward a washboard.

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