ENOUGH of the Dog and Pony Show!!

I don’t know about you, but I am so ready for the Republican “dog and pony “show to be over…. I am sorry, but I am simply not impressed! You have one super righty (Santorum), one border line righty (Romney) and one angry righty (Gingrich) playing dirty in the sandbox.  Every once in a while one of them will say something half way decent, but before you know it… some half cocked remark forces you to pause…..

All of the Republican candidates rolled into one are still not as a formidable candidate as John McCain was in 2008 …and he was just decent, so put us out of our misery…stop making a mockery of our political process, either the Republicans need to find another candidate or stop the petty behavior so the “real slim shady” can stand up and everyone can rally behind.

Aren’t you tired of hearing the ridiculous decisive campaign rhetoric?  My ears are burning already!  I personally don’t care what each of them think of each another and quite frankly I am sick of the finger-pointing at the President.

Start addressing what’s most important…. Hey Republicans….what’s your plan? do you have one past blaming Obama for what you claim are “failed policies”…. You guys are like benchwarmers standing on the sidelines complaining about the game you are not in…..I haven’t heard a unique, innovative, ” free capital market-ish” option from you for solving any of our crisis’ yet.

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2 comments on “ENOUGH of the Dog and Pony Show!!

  1. Tiffany says:

    I understand your frustrations. I think that the Republican Party itself, is also inundated with the flip- flop rhetoric that the presidential “hopefuls” have been espousing. Its common for the competing party to try and paint a negative picture of the President in current office. The problem is that most of their claims are vacuous and unestablished, which further diminishes their legitimacy. I think its safe to say that while we are not “out of the woods” so to speak as far the economy is concerned, most Americans recognize that this has been a difficult time for America, and that the President is doing his best. But to give undue credence and validity to a prospective candidate, who has not been in the ring for the last four years is anything short of irresponsible.
    While we may not have overcome all of our obstacles, doing an about face and turning the country over to a different set of ideals and executive agenda is risky. The current administration has made some solid progression in the matters which challenge our country. There is a steady momentum in place, but America needs cooperation and effective communication amongst its leaders.

    Who knows? Maybe when this is all said and done, America may move beyond the partisan affiliation and loyalty which has divided the country for so long. The chronic stagnation and underdevelopment of an economy and its people may have us all singing one tune in the end….

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