Wake Me When It’s Over!

Republican Party (United States)

Who’s the genius that approved planning a major political party convention during in one of the most weather volatile states in the country?

Really, no seriously, really?

Is it news that the gulf coast and most Caribbean islands are off-limits in August?  Lest not forget Hurricane Katrina in 2005 that devastated several cities along the gulf coast!!  Hurricane Katrina displaced millions of American families and killed hundreds and now…seven years later the Republican Party wants hold a national party convention in a city vulnerable to natural and catastrophic weather conditions?

Is our country not in a state of panic as thousands of residents along the gulf of Mexico are in jeopardy of potentially losing their homes and personal belongings?  Does the show still go on when Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama brace themselves for what is to come over the next few days?

I guess speeches and agendas are more important….after all, now they must cram 4 days of speeches into 3?

Wake me when it is over!

I am just saying!  Blabb Back or follow me on Twitter! @blabback


Blabb Back

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