Wake Me When It’s Over!

Republican Party (United States)

Who’s the genius that approved planning a major political party convention during in one of the most weather volatile states in the country?

Really, no seriously, really?

Is it news that the gulf coast and most Caribbean islands are off-limits in August?  Lest not forget Hurricane Katrina in 2005 that devastated several cities along the gulf coast!!  Hurricane Katrina displaced millions of American families and killed hundreds and now…seven years later the Republican Party wants hold a national party convention in a city vulnerable to natural and catastrophic weather conditions?

Is our country not in a state of panic as thousands of residents along the gulf of Mexico are in jeopardy of potentially losing their homes and personal belongings?  Does the show still go on when Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama brace themselves for what is to come over the next few days?

I guess speeches and agendas are more important….after all, now they must cram 4 days of speeches into 3?

Wake me when it is over!

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Elephant Stomp in Iowa!

P Elephant

Discussing politics can be a slippery slope, but I can’t resist today— As I watch the Iowa caucuses, I began to reflect on the campaigning leading up to the Republican primaries and boy oh boy it’s been one interesting ride and it’s not over yet.  There has been more mud slinging and dirty draws airing than I care to have witnessed..mistresses, money and mannheim!

Quite frankly, I am embarrassed and ashamed!  Imagine the conversations of our neighboring countries?  I can hear the conversations at the dinner tables regarding the likes of Herman Cain, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich?  Here we have these men…. self-declared as the best and the brightest to hold the highest office in our land… to lead our country…really?

What is really going on? No disrespect to the Republican party, but how is it that one week everyone is loving the Herman Cain train .i.e Rev Low Down– (that’s my opinion, not necessarily a fact..) until it gets too hard to overlook the bones falling out of his closet then it’s flip over to Mitt Romney..seems like a nice enough man, but really?  He is not the right candidate for the same reason he was not in 2008…not much has changed there.

And Newt, between his messy personal life to his hot headed temperament and politically incorrect comments…he will eventually self destruct.  Ron Paul..gotta love him… he makes a few great points, but he’ll never get the nomination…and what about the one too many “senior moments” that Rick Perry is constantly trying to explain away– of course I know the legal voting age…do you really?

Yeah, ok and here comes Rick Santorum sneaking up from behind last place?  As far as I am concerned they all spent a lot of time in Iowa blowing where the wind blows for the sake of a vote; pun intended.  So now you have an election hanging on 14 votes…really? Iowa is the first stop, not the last one.. None of them will be conservative enough for Evangelicals/Tea Party’ers and some will be too conservative for others, so from what I can see, we should have (4) parties:

  1. Conservative -Righties
  2. Liberal- Lefties
  3. Very Conservative- Hard Righters
  4. Very Liberal- Hard Lefters

A lefty will never be able to satisfy the hard lefties; he will always fall short and same with the rightie , he will never satisfy the hard righties!  So why try to do it all, pick one and own it instead of trying to be a little of both!

Bottom line, none of these men can hold a candle stick to the heated, highly competitive, contested race in 2008 between three REALLY qualified candidates for the office of President!

But you know, in the meantime just keep it coming!  Close call elections, dirty politics and affairs make good news and interesting history, it will help keep news ratings up and help to put reality TV out of business!

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